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How To Optimize Your Office Space To Its Fullest?

Take a look at your office and ask yourself these questions,

  • Is my entire office well lit?
  • Does natural light reach every corner of the office?
  • Is the color scheme of my office is appropriate for my business?
  • Is my office space flexible enough to make necessary changes whenever possible?

Answering these questions will give you an honest review of your office space.

Optimizing all the resources in the office like lighting, office space, separations play a key role in the overall productivity of the workforce.

As a business, we are more concerned about major business activities like marketing, data processing, recruiting, etc. However, Optimizing your office is important for higher productivity and reduces stress.

Want to know how to optimize your office to its fullest? Read along and you’ll get 5 valuable insights on office optimization.


Illumination has proven to affect the productivity of an employee. A well-lit workspace provides excellent lighting throughout the year, which in turn increase productivity.

Some key factors to be considered which choosing the right lighting for your office are,

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  • Utilize as much natural light as possible. Natural sunlight is ideal for offices with average to moderate lumination needs. However, natural lights depend on the weather and time of the day. Ideal for setting a body cycle during work.
  • Choose lighting appropriate to workplace necessities. For instance, an employee who works mostly on computer or laptop needs lower light. On the other hand, a manufacturing plant requires more illumination.
  • Lighting also provides an aesthetically pleasing look. Plan your lighting so that your office will give a positive aura to employees.
  • If you have dim and flickering lights in your office, replace them immediately as an employee may face eye issues and epileptic seizures.
  • Prefer energy saving lightings as they will significantly reduce the office cost in the long run.

The key here is to balancing natural and artificial light to have optimized illumination throughout the office. Use energy saving artificial light as per work necessities. Add glass partitions for office so that light can be distributed more efficiently.


It’s a fact. Colors play a significant role in the productivity of your employees. If your office walls look boring, it is time to spice them up with bright colors.

Now, it is important to understand your work nature before selecting the right color for your office.

Confused? Here are some of the most common colors used in office and their significance


Red: Symbolize passion and hard work. Ideal for a workplace with lots of physical activities. Red is known to increase blood flows and stimulate emotions. Red also attracts attention.

Blue: Signifies sincerity and sophistication. Ideal for a workplace which needs all the focus on a given task. Blue is also an ideal color for mixing other colors with it. You can paint your entire office blue and add other colors to a specific area.

Green: Being a color of nature, it has a calming and soothing effect. Green is ideal for a place where people work for a longer period of time. Green gives a calming aura that boosts efficiency.Yellow: Yellow is an off-beat color. It signifies energy, creativity, and hunger (Combination of red and yellow is mostly used in fast food outlets like Mc Donalds). If you have a creative staff, you should definitely paint your walls with a bright yellow.


aluminium dividers
Aluminum Dividers

In ideal conditions, your business will keep on growing. You’d expand your business even more and recruit more people to keep up with expansion. Eventually, you’ll have to make some necessary changes in your office.

Ideally, offices should keep 10% of the space reserved for future expansion. Also, office space should be flexible enough to make changes as soon as possible.

Temporary partitions are a great alternative for modern offices for the best utilization of office space.

Let’s look at the key benefits of temporary furniture

  • Unlike fixed infrastructure, Temporary aluminum partition wall offers great flexibility. As it can be installed and uninstalled at any time
  • Temporary partitions save time and money as it doesn’t require a frequent restructuring of the entire office which can be very costly and time-consuming.

  • Temporary partitions take significantly less space than a permanent fixture

  • Gives a dynamic and aesthetically pleasing look to the office.

  • Temporary furniture provides versatility to the office. You can do more with less space.

  • Temporary glass partitions are ideal for distributing light throughout the office.

If you are looking for a versatile office with more space and proper illumination, a temporary partition is the best option for you.

4: HAVE A “Chill Zone” in OFFICE

We are still quite far from the world where all human work will be done by robots. We still need people to grow our business.

We should also understand that people can’t work continuously for a really long time. They need some time to socialize with each other and other recreational activity.

Having a recreational zone in your office is an excellent way to boost employee’s morale and make him more productive. Also, it will build a healthy environment throughout the office as people will be busy socializing rather than spending more time on their smartphones.

Having a well-equipped recreational zone with activities like group catering, ping pong, and other indoor games will give employees some “we” time. Remember, every business work on people, and a happy employee means a happy company.

5: Create A Collaborative Environment

In addition to the previous point, making space for collaborative efforts from employees is the best way to give a vibrant spirit to your office.

Keep a part of the office where employees from various departments can work together. Maybe a brainstorming office, an art gallery, or anything that will motivate an employee to roam freely around the office.

Creating a collaborative work environment is a great option to boost positivity in employees. Also, it promotes better interpersonal relationships among the office, which eventually boost your productivity.

Optimizing your office space is all about creating a healthy, energetic and productive environment in the office.

If you follow these 5 steps, you’ll have the office where space is fully utilized. Everything is well organized, with appropriate colors and illumination, and most importantly, with a highly productive environment.

If you want to use your office space in the best way possible, Temporary partition will give you just that plus high flexibility. To check our office partition services, click here.