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How to Get the Best of Collaborative and Closed Office Space

Since in the introduction of modern office space designs and modular office partitions, there is a humungous debate between collaborative and closed office space enthusiasts.

The collaborative environment allows employees to roam freely around the office and work wherever they want. However, having no walls is the number one cause of distraction which results in reduced productivity. This office interior approach gained huge popularity among the millennials as it encourages a collaborative work environment and an office without boundaries.

On the other hand, a closed office space reduces the distractions in the workspace. Making strategic divisions in the office allows people to work with the utmost focus and precision. Although this approach is ideal for companies, employees might feel isolated while working on a certain task, hence quite frowned upon by employees.

What if I told you that you can have the best of both approaches with that cancel out each other’s disadvantages? All you need are modern office partitions, your office layout, creative minds, and this blog.

That’s right! In this blog, you’ll learn 4 ideas to have the best of collaborative and closed office space at the same time.

If that interests you, let’s get right into it.

1: Plan ahead

Before making some drastic changes in the office, you need to plan your office design strategy firsthand.

Depending on your office interiors, its natural layout, and any permanent fixtures can be a key determinant in creating open space and creating strategic divisions. It also helps you in delegating a separate are for collaborative work and a distraction-free work environment.

Another key determinant in planning your office space is your work culture. Day-to-day activities conducted in your office can play a huge role in your office layout. 

Let’s say you are a digital marketing firm or a creative agency and your office space is bustling with moving people and communication between departments, your office space must have a collaborative environment.

On the other hand, an IT firm or a precision machine shop requires people to work with the utmost focus and free from any distractions. Closed office space works wonders in this case.

You need to understand your office layout and work culture to set the perfect theme for your office.

2: Delegate office space

It is important to plan the delegated spaces in your office before making any drastic changes. Ideally, an office space should have a collaborative workspace, a distraction-free zone, separate cabins for people working on the same project, a cafeteria, and a relaxing zone.

If you’ve noticed, I’ve mentioned that both approaches are a must for every office interior. If your office space allows for a diverse work environment, you should go for it.

Here are some quick tips for delegating office space for various activities.

  • Make sure that collaborative and closed workspace are far away from each other.
  • The relaxing zone and cafeteria should be accessible from both spaces.
  • Keep 10% of your office space as spare for future development.
  • Use modular office partitions rather than brick walls in a closed work environment to save on space.
  • Collaborative office space must be easy to navigate through and designed for avoiding any clutter.

3: Incorporate glass walls

How about some master illusions in your office? Do you want to create a closed work environment with an illusion of a collaborative one? Go for glass partition for your office space.

Glass is the most versatile material used in office dividers. Not only it helps in beautifying your office space but it also consumes much less space compared to solid brick walls. Especially for smaller offices, frosted glass vinyl walls are ideal to make strategic divisions in the office and allowing for a collaborative workspace whenever possible.

Add frosted office doors and walls with customized design and various transparency levels to create a unique work environment. Combining glass walls and other modern office partitions like aluminum and melamite will give you a customizable office space without breaking the bank.

Which brings us to the next topic.

4: Interchange between collaborative and private work environment

A dynamic work environment attracts the most productive employees. Making slight changes in the office according to work needs gives employees the freedom to work in the best possible way to maximize productivity.

The question is, how can you achieve a dynamic work environment?

The answer is the modular office partition. Due to their light-weight, easy fixtures, degree of customization and versatility makes it the perfect office partition for modern offices. 

Thanks to modern office partitions like customized glass walls, aluminum cubicle walls, etc. we can create a dynamic office environment that can change according to the work requirements. It’s a cost-effective and much practical approach towards office interior designing.

Do you have a task that required collaboration among various departments? Remove a few walls to create more space for them. Want to have an emergency conference? Add a few walls to create a brand new cabinet for conferences and meetings. 

If you’ve ever dreamt of a customizable work environment, you can achieve it now to ensure maximum benefits for both collaborative and closed work environment. 

Final Thoughts

Well folks, there we have it, 4 simple tips to have the best of collaborative and close office space. Depending on your work culture, you can shift between each of them rather flawlessly, thanks to modern office partitions.

Do you want to see the magic of modular office partition for yourself? Just send us your queries and we’ll help you design the customizable office space of your dreams.