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5 Types Of Modern Wall Partition System For Your Office Space

Modern office partitions are all about customization.

Whether you want to create a collaborative work environment or want to give your employees a private space in the office, these partitions allow you to do just that. The best part is, you can interchange between an open office space and a private one whenever you want.

Temporary office partitions give your office an ultimate room for customization. Due to their easy installation and uninstallation, it allows you to change your office space whenever necessary. After all, a perfectly designed office is the key to utilizing office space and enhancing the productivity of employees.

But here’s the thing.

How do you know which temporary office partitions suit your office best? Whether you should go for glass or aluminum wall partitions?

Well, fret not. We’ve curated 5 of the best types of modern wall partition systems to maximize productivity in your office. Try combining 2 or more of these for a dynamic office space.

1: Free Standing Dividers

Free Standing Dividers

The main purpose of free-standing dividers is to divide space optimally within a room allowing for more efficient use of the space. They are commonly used in making cubicles and can be made of aluminum, melamine, glass, or wood.

The major advantage of free-standing dividers is they take the least amount of space in the office. They don’t require additional support of office walls.

These divider walls have supporting feet at their base which carries their entire weight. Easy to install, they are ideal when your offices’ space needs more cubicles for more employees.

2: Demountable Walls

demountable wall partition
Demountable Walls

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Want to take office space customization to the next level? Demountable walls are for you. These walls are usually made with lightweight materials like aluminum and melamine. As the name suggests, they are easily installable and uninstallable.

Want to create an extra cabinet for a month? Install demountable walls and you’re good to go. Want to create some extra space to hold a conference? Remove the walls and your job’s done. It’s that simple.

Office design trends are changing rapidly. Employees expect a dynamic office which can adapt to their working style. With demountable walls, you can provide an ultimate customizable experience to your office.

3: Frameless Glass Walls

Glass is the most versatile material used in office design. From office walls and doors to windows and tables, you can add glass to enhance the look of your office interiors.

Frameless Glass Walls

Besides beautifying your office, the most important function of glass partitions is to distribute light equally throughout the office which can help save energy. So, if saving money on electricity bills is your prime concern then glass partition is your best bet.

Among different varieties of glass used in offices, frosted glass is one of the most used varieties in designing office partitions; Especially for temporary walls, doors, and cabinets. 

Frosted glass office partitions are highly customizable as you can select the pattern and its opacity. You can even write your company’s name or artwork on frosted glass. 

4: Fixed windows

Fixed Windows

For offices who want to capitalize on natural light, permanent windows are an excellent option. These windows are fixed and cannot be opened. Being permanently fixed with added glass, these windows work as a source of natural light for the office.

You can add permanent windows in office interiors to jazz up your office space. Not only that, they also allow equal distribution of light throughout the office. So when it comes to giving a unique look to your office, try fixed windows for a change.

5: Hinged and Barn Doors

Sliding Barn Door

For special places in your office, you can add extra privacy with hinged and barn doors which are easily installable.

These doors come in two varieties: sliding doors, and hinged doors with a hydraulic door closer. These partitions come in frosted glass and aluminum frame varieties depending on your preferences.

These doors are ideal for temporary offices and office spaces with a flexible work environment.


Well, there you have it! The top 5 types of modern wall partition systems that will help you optimize your office space. You can use a combination of these elements to create a fully optimized office space with added customization.

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