• We Deliver to Central & South Florida

What materials do you use for your Walls? How thick are the walls?

We use 2” thick anodized aluminum bars that can be painted in different colors, framed with 1/4 glass or without frames with 3/8 glass.We also use melamine board for asolid option.  You can combine the panels as you want, because we manufacture them to fit.For privacy with clarity we offer the frosted vinyl in different designs and panels of polycarbonate or acrylic

Can I run electricity and data through your system?

Yes, we install electric bars where you need switches, receptacles or data. We work with BYRNE products that are pre-manufactured products which have UL certification and do not need permits. We can also install the bars and have your electrician make the connections using regular electrical products.

Do I need permits to use your system in my office?

Our partitions do not require permits, but you should check with your city in the case of where the sprinklers, lights, connectors, emergency signs, etc. should be, because for example if the sprinklers do not cover the entire area when using our wall, we must leavean 18″ space from the partition to the ceiling.