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  • No Permits Needed
    Easy to order

    No permits are needed to set up our partitions. Just simply order and we will ship you a complete product

  • Easy Installation and uninstallation
    Moves when you need to move

    We are one of the only office partition systems which was built to be uninstalled if you need to rearrange or move locations.

  • Recyclable Materials
    For those customers that need extra privacy

    Our commitment is great products at a great price.

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Why Choose Our Modular Wall Partition

Our professionalism and commitment to meeting deadlines have made us worthy of the trust of innumerable companies and institutions. We adapt our products to the specific characteristics of each project. And we provide comprehensive solutions with technical and sales support to our customers .


  • Free 3D layout
  • 2 Weeks installation
  • Demountable
  • Only 2” thick
  • Custom to fit
  • No permits needed
  • 10 years warranty

Our Range of Office Wall Partitions & Dividers

Free Standing Dividers
Demountable Walls
Electrical Capabilities
Fixed Window
Framelles Glass Walls
Cublicles and Table tops
Frosted Vinyl
Hinged and barn Doors

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Our system walls partitions represents the conclusion of a journey of research and experimentation in demountable partitioning carried out by engineers and it has gathered all the aspects that can make it a complete product: elegant, functional and suitable for all markets, excellent performance, versatile configurations, flexibility of use and the ability to divide, articulate and organize spaces

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How do we make Office Wall Partitions?

Our system offers different proposals that break schemes. We use a system based on a few aluminum profiles fixed to the floor and ceiling or half heights with a variety of models and configurations using 1/4 and 3/8 glass in combination with 5/8 melamine in different colors. The versatility, flexibility of use, capacity of division and organization of the space are some of the most valuable qualities of the system. An innovative system for attaching the profiles ensures both a fast installation process and a significant reduction in the quantity of materials and components required to create the wall. Our installation times are unbeatable, since we are manufacturers and distributors of our product and as a result we can guarantee our quality.


Do I need permits to use your system in my office?

Our partitions do not require permits, but you should check with your city in the case of where the sprinklers, lights, connectors, emergency signs, etc. should be, because for example if the sprinklers do not cover the entire area when using our wall, we must leavean 18" space from the partition to the ceiling.

Can I run electricity and data through your system?

Yes, we install electric bars where you need switches, receptacles or data. We work with BYRNE products that are pre-manufactured products which have UL certification and do not need permits. We can also install the bars and have your electrician make the connections using regular electrical products.

What materials do you use for your Walls? How thick are the walls?

We use 2” thick anodized aluminum bars that can be painted in different colors, framed with 1/4 glass or without frames with 3/8 glass.We also use melamine board for asolid option.  You can combine the panels as you want, because we manufacture them to fit.For privacy with clarity we offer the frosted vinyl in different designs and panels of polycarbonate or acrylic.

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